Country/Development Manager

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About the Role

LifeLine Africa has been in operating in Cameroon since 2019. We are looking for a sharp, motivated individual with a self-starter mindset to become LifeLine’s Country Manager in Cameroon and lead our Operations and Growth in the country, with the objective of growing our local footprint and team throughout 2021 and beyond.

The role is located in Douala, with potential for domestic and regional travels.

You will work closely with our Founder and Board members in USA and the Sr Administrator in Yaounde, Cameroon



  • Manage the roll-out of the LifeLine’s programs in Cameroon.
  • This will be achieved through partnerships with pre-selected local implementing partners (e.g., training providers, NGOs).
  • You will be responsible for coordinating the action of local implementing partners, identifying bottlenecks and acting on them, as well as collecting data on the program’s performance across a range of metrics.
  • You will work in close collaboration with and under the supervision of the Founder and Board Members.


  • Boost LifeLine’s expansion in Cameroon
  • Identify market gaps and areas where LifeLine could bring value to the Cameroon Health ecosystem, through any of our verticals.
  • Map out funding opportunities at a national and international level (e.g., philanthropic donors, corporates, public bodies) and build strong relationships with funders.
  • Design commercial proposals aimed at potential funders, with the objective of launching new programs and initiatives in Cameroon.
  • You will work in close collaboration with LifeLine’s global business development team in USA.


  • Supervise the field staff
  • Coordinate the implementation of programs with field staff
  • Will be a resource to our volunteers/interns.

Basic Qualifications

  • Experience in project management / public health / economic development / business development
  • Solid understanding of the Cameroon Healthcare ecosystem, and able to demonstrate existing relationships with local non-profit organizations, employers, philanthropic funders, corporates & public bodies
  • Fluency in French and English are a must

Preferred Qualifications

  • A passion for innovation and social impact. At LifeLine, we do the work of an NGO with the mindset of a startup.
  • Ability to thrive in an international environment and to build solid professional relationships with a vast array of stakeholders ranging from community group volunteers to C-Level executives.
  • Willingness to roll up sleeves and get in the weeds with our partners in order to hit programmatic targets.
  • Ability to work remotely and independently while maintaining close links with the core team through regular and transparent reporting.
  • Solid command of productivity tools (e.g., Google Suite, Slack, etc.)
  • Available immediately.

Feasibility Consultant

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The conceptual design of the center will be modeled to set up a state-of-the-art facility that

would cater to the basic health needs of the community of Soa and surrounding villages. The

initial concept involves setting up a medical cabinet with a minimum of one doctor, 2 certified

nurses, a laboratory technician and pharmacy aide. In the establishment of the center,

collaboration will be established among key stakeholders including the community leaders, and

other medical professionals and auxiliaries.

Objectives of the Assignment

The overall objective of this consultancy is to carry out a feasibility study to establish a medical

center. The specific objective of this consultancy is to:

– Determine the feasibility of establishing a medical center, and prepare a concept note

with recommendations on key aspects, including initial set-up, operational model, and

long-term sustainability.

– Visit existing similar centers and developing recommendations based on location,

clientele, needs of the community to inform the establishment of the medical center.

– Develop detailed cost estimates for setting up such a center.

Scope of Work

The main tasks of this assignment are:

✓ Undertake a detailed feasibility study on the establishment of a medical center in Soa

Yaoundé; identify risks associated with its setting, challenges, and mitigation strategies.

✓ Prepare a concept note, with analysis and description of the conditions under which the

medical center would be feasible and provide a framework and recommendations for

next steps, including the establishment, training, and future expansion.

The study should address among other things:

– Analysis of the background and rational for a medical cabinet.

– Review similar existing medical centers in and around Soa and evaluate the critical

success factors, critical risks and adduce lessons which will inform the study.

– Gaps assessment of the existing similar centers

– Proposed location for the center and potential scope of the center

– Propose a conceptual outline/ operation model that includes all the key features of the

medical center

– Institutional set-up and arrangements, involvement of key stakeholders

– Estimated costs of setting up of the center/ Cost estimates of further infrastructure


– Estimated cost to run the center

– Estimated net profit/loss in one year and in two years.

– Time it will take to break even

– Proposed operational/business model for the center

– Interest of donors and institutions for collaboration

– Expected long term sustainability and available strategies

– Proposed financing models and funds mobilization strategies

– Appropriate management model/institutional framework for inception and operation of

the center

– Identify significant risks and propose measures to mitigate them

The assignment will be conducted in Soa, Yaoundé and will involve among others desk review

of existing literature, conducting focus group discussions and interviews with key stakeholders

in the quarter and surroundings.

Methods and Approach

The study shall be conducted with input from key stakeholders (including other medical

centers), as well as a review of relevant documents and policies. The consultant shall collect all

available information and data as may be applicable. This includes, but is not limited to

documents, studies, and discussion papers on the concept for the proposed medical center. The

consultant shall conduct direct interviews (in-person/over phone/email) and consultations with

key stakeholders.

Key Deliverables

The specific deliverables include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inception report to be submitted within 5 days of signing contract detailing the

consultant’s approach to the feasibility study, providing a detailed work-plan and

detailed methodology.

  • Draft report showing the key findings of the feasibility study.
  • Final report and concept note that conceptualize the setting up of the center after

incorporating inputs agreed upon at a review meeting.

  • Final proposed Business plan.
  • Estimated costs of setting up a fully functional center.

Duration of the Consultancy

The duration for the work shall be 2.5months from the signing of the contract without


Consultant Qualifications and Experience

– Demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of work, possess excellent communication

and interpersonal skills as well as good planning and organizational skills.

– Have a minimum of an advanced university degree in Economics, Finance, Business,

Architecture or Physical Planning, Project Management, organizational development,

administration, management and operation or other relevant degrees.

– Demonstrate knowledge and experience in conducting feasibility studies and case

modeling for start-ups or ongoing institutions. Having worked on prior feasibility studies

is an added advantage.

– Ability to work with a range of stakeholders.

– Excellent communication, facilitation skills and experience in participatory approaches

– Excellent command of English and French, both spoken and written is mandatory.

Working Language

The working language for this assignment will be English and French may be needed for


Payment Modalities

The consultant will be paid as follows:

– After validation of inception report: 20%

– After validation of draft report: 40%

– After submission of final report: 40%

Email additional documents to

  • A motivation letter expressing suitability for the assignment and quote for services.
  • Any supporting documents showing completion of similar work

Volunteer/ Volontaires

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LifeLine is always seeking volunteers. This is a great way to get to know us and most of our full time staff started off as volunteers. LifeLine est toujours à la recherche de volontaires. C’est une excellente façon de nous connaître et la plupart de nos employés à plein temps ont commencé comme volontaire.


Receive the donors, assist them with their forms, talk to them
about the importance of blood donation and answer any
questions they may have.

Recevoir les donneurs, les aider avec leurs
formulaires, leur parler de l’importance du don
de sang et répondre à toutes leurs questions.

Donor Orientation/Orientation des donneurs

Assist the Receptionist with the donors, take the donors to
the collection point and answer questions they may have.

Assister la réceptionniste avec les donateurs
Emmenez les donateurs au point de collecte
Répondez aux questions qu’ils pourraient avoir.


Pass out refreshments to donors after collection.

Distribuez des rafraîchissements aux donateurs
après la collecte


Game setup and gift distribution.

Configuration du jeux et distribution de cadeaux


Speak to the donors about your experience as a donor. Every
30 mins

Parlez aux donateurs de votre expérience en tant
que donateur. Toutes les 30 minutes

Blood Donor Recruiter/ Recruteur de donneurs de sang

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LifeLine is looking for a Blood Donor Recruiter to join the team. LifeLine est à la recherche d’un recruteur de donneurs de sang (BDR)

Ability to work with a diversified team of persons and manage the relationships with other collaborators appropriately. • Should be capable of working independently, also in a team and under pressure. • Must understand both English and French. • Available to work 8:30am – 16:30pm • Excellent written and verbal communication skills  • Experience in using Excel spread sheet to visualize and report data  • Ability to understand and master new software packages and systems quickly. •  Greets, interacts with and encourages potential donors to donate.  • Work to establish new blood drive accounts. • Achieve monthly, quarterly and annual collection objectives. • Schedule blood drives and determine accurate projections for each drive. • Recruit on-site as necessary by actively encouraging donations from potential donors in order to meet daily projections. • Prepare and deliver promotional materials while coordinating with Corporate staff as needed. •  Develop rapport with blood drive chairperson at corporations.        • Effectively coordinate blood drives and handle concerns as needed. • Creating and carrying-out community out-reach activities (Health Campaigns). • Displays posters/signs supplying information to potential donors. • Assists with donor refreshments and/or gifts when requested by designated staff. • Ability to understand and master new software packages and systems quickly.

Capacité à travailler avec une équipe diversifiée de personnes et à gérer les relations avec les autres collaborateurs de manière appropriée. • Doit être capable de travailler de manière autonome, également en équipe et sous pression. • Doit être bilingue (Français et Anglais).
Disponible pour travailler de 8h30 à 16h30 • Excellentes compétences en communication écrite et verbale • Capacite d’utiliser d’une feuille de calcul Excel pour visualiser et rapporter des données • Capacité à comprendre et maîtriser rapidement les nouveaux progiciels et systèmes. • Accueille, échange et encourage les donneurs potentiels à faire un don. • Travaillez à créer de nouveaux comptes de collecte de sang. • Atteindre les objectifs de collecte mensuels, trimestriels et annuels. • Planifiez des collectes de sang et déterminez des projections précises pour chaque lecteur. • Recrutez sur place si nécessaire en encourageant activement les dons de donateurs potentiels afin de répondre aux projections quotidiennes.
Préparer et livrer du matériel promotionnel tout en coordonnant avec le personnel de l’entreprise au besoin. • Développer des relations avec le président de la collecte de sang dans les entreprises. • Coordonnez efficacement les collectes de sang et gérez les préoccupations au besoin. • Créer et réaliser des activités de sensibilisation communautaire (campagnes de santé). • Affiche des affiches / enseignes fournissant des informations aux donateurs potentiels.
• Aide avec les rafraîchissements et / ou les cadeaux des donateurs à la demande du personnel désigné. • Capacité à comprendre et maîtriser rapidement les nouveaux progiciels et systèmes.